When our September Barkbox arrived the dogs went nuts… As usual. Barkbox arrival day is like a monthly Christmas morning for the dogs.

September Barkbox Toys

I’m always impressed with how creative Barkbox toys are. My husband and I always get a good laugh at the theme for the month and the corresponding toys, which never disappoint.

I always start out by giving a toy to each dog, but in then end, they all end up with Copper. The older dogs have a little fun, but Copper loves toys. He has a box of Boarkbox toys in the living room.

He cracks me up. Whether or not a toy gets destroyed depends on the pitch of the squeeker. Some have to die quickly. Others get beheaded. A rare few get to live their lives as in tact toys.

We considered going with their Super Chewer box, which we’ve received in the past, but they just don’t seem to like the heavier toys.

Besides, what fun is there in not killing the squeeker every once in a while?

High Quality Treats

Because we train almost every day, we go through a lot of treats. We get our every day treats from Pupford, but it’s nice to mix it up.

My dogs get a portion of their daily caloric intake from treats. so its important to me that they only get high quality treats.

Our September Barkbox

When I want a really high value treat, we use meatballs. But the high quality treats we get with our Barkboxes make a great alternative to our every day treats.

My dogs and I spend a lot of time in training, so it’s nice to have a monthly subscription box that makes it even more fun!

Have you tried Barkbox? If so, what did you think? If not, what’s stopping you?

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