All of our collars and our favorite leashes come from Pop of Collar. Each of the boys has a collar in “his” color with his name on the collar.

How We Found Pop of Collar

In the first year of our Rally classes, a fellow classmate with three whippets came in every now and then with beautiful new custom collars for her pups. One day the instructor came in with some beautiful new customized collars too.

I finally asked in our Facebook group for Rally classes at ThunderHawk where everyone was getting such beautiful collars. They sent me a link to the Pop of Collar Facebook Page.

Cari Barfield Berthelot is a Tennessee Whippet owner and makes custom collars as accessories. I scrolled through picture after picture of adorable dogs in well-made cloth collars. (She will soon be offering biothane too!)

Why We Love Our Collars and Leashes

I reached out to Cari via Facebook Messenger to find out about getting a custom collar for Copper. I gave her the color I wanted, and she sent me pictures of fabric options. Once I chose my favorite fabric, we talked about colors for embroidery, leash length, and other options.

She sent me a price and her PayPal email and let me know when to expect my collar and leash. She sent me preview pictures the day she dropped in in the mail. Cari gets an A+ for customer service!

The quality of the collar and leash were top notch. My dogs get clean and compete, but at home, they’re just dogs. They play hard and get dirty. I was concerned that the collars wouldn’t hold up, but they have.

I followed that order with orders for collars and leashes for Tank and Bear. The hardware, materials, and stitching are all top notch.

Cari also offers prong collars and collars with a holder for Seresto collars. The only downside to Pop of Collar is that everything right now is cloth. She made an announcement recently that biothane is coming, but for now you can only get cloth collars.

Be sure to check out Pop of Collar on Facebook. You’ll love her work!

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