Tank and I had our second IWPA weight pull for the season. He did great, coming in first place in the 150 pound class!

Tank & Weight Pull

I had been looking for the right job for Tank for two years. Ouur trainer suggested I give weight pull a try. Another client of hers regularly hosted pulls just 5 minutes from us.

Our first time was a learning experience. Several members of the group helped me get Tank used to the harness and and the cart.

We pulled Novice where you get 5 pulls. You can walk with your dog and encourage them, which Tank needed!

By his 5th try, it was clear he was having fun. He even won the Novice class his third pull!

Second IWPA Weight Pull

This year was his first year pulling Pro, which means he is competing against other dogs in his weight class (126-150 pounds).

I have to be across the line, and I can’t touch him from the second I leave him to the second he completes his pull. It’s all him.

I could have chosen to pull Novice for another season, but Tank was clearly ready to try pulling with the big boys.

Second IWPA Weight Pull

Training Success

Unfortunately, we hadn’t been able to train or condition this summer, because I was laid up healing from a brown recluse spider bite, so Tank went into the season 9 pounds overweight.

He struggled some in his first pull of the season in part because of the extra weight and in part because the weight increases were higher between pulls.

His most weight pulled on that track had been 860 pounds, but we went from 825 pounds to 930 pounds. That proved to be too much for him.

He only pulled 550 pounds this pull, but the track is a much harder track with a grass surface. The other track is a crushed gravel track and much easier to pull on.

He was also down 6 pounds and has just 3 more to go!

I’m so proud of his improvement from pull to pull. He’s really taken to weight pull and has fun doing it.

Interested in weight pull but not sure how to get started? Drop me a comment!

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