Since we started our Rally journey, I’ve been in search of high quality treats that wouldn’t add empty calories to my dogs’ diets. We don’t use treats to train all the time, but when my dogs are learning something new, I want to be able to be liberal with the rewards and not have to worry about the calories. I work hard to keep my dogs at an ideal weight, and I didn’t want training six days a week to change that.

They only get about seventy-five percent of their caloric intake from “meals”, so I wanted their treats to add nutritional value too. I also want their treats to be high value, so that when I ask them to work for 10-15 minutes before getting a big payout, the payout is worth it.

For me, I wanted the treats to be small or easy to break up. I know hot dogs work well, but eww… I just don’t want to handle them. I did a lot of research, reading reviews and doing price comparisons. I wanted high quality, high value treats, but I also didn’t want to break the bank.

I settled on Pupford treats. Their training treats are freeze dried meat and sweet potatoes. When you open the bag, you can smell that they’re real food. No fillers. No additives. So smelly, yummy, and healthy. They’re the perfect size for a single treat during training or a to give a handful as a jackpot at the end of a course.

They offer training packs and a discount for auto-ship. I personally love auto-shipping, because I can set it up, put it in my budget, and forget about it. We’ve only had one issue, and customer service was wonderful. We discovered that Tank doesn’t do well with fish. 🙁 I contacted customer service, and they’ve swapped out our salmon treats with sweet potato treats. They were responsive and very easy to deal with.

They also have an app that pet dog owners would find useful with training videos. They offer two other lines of treats–engage and reward–and some general supplies like poop bags. You can filter treats by age and the size of your dog. My only complaint is that I would love to see them offer a giant (100+ pounds) size category.

All my dogs give Pupford treats a two thumbs up, and I couldn’t be happy with the quality, price, and customer service. I highly recommend!

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