All American Dogz is all about adopting, training, and competing with rescue dogs. The AKC Canine Partners program allows mixed breed dogs to register with AKC and compete in great sports like AKC Rally Obedience and AKC Scent Work.

I will share my ups and downs in training and competing with my dogs. I will share our favorite rescues, the products we use, the trainers we work with, and the dog professionals we follow on social media. I will share our successes, our failures, our moments at home, and everything in between.

I hope that our experiences will encourage you to adopt rescue dogs and see not their histories but their potential. Rescue dogs are so much more than their stories.

I hope that my dogs will inspire you to invest the training time to help your rescue dogs live their best lives. If all you do is remove a dog from a bad situation, you have only rescued his body. It’s in the rehabilitation and training that you really rescue a dog.

Most of all, I hope to connect with other people adopting, training, and competing rescue dogs.

About Tanya

I am an empty nester enjoying the fruits of my labors from years of hard work. I finally have more time for the things I do just for love, one of which is training my rescue dogs. I am the queen of comebacks, and I love giving animals a chance at the same.

I have always believed that life is nothing without a little diversity. I don’t feel bad for my rescue dogs. When I look at them, I see me. A broke single mother going hungry to feed her daughter who was headed for a future so bright she had to wear shades. My dogs are the same. They are dogs other people threw away, and I saw potential in.

Together we’re living our best lives and sharing it with you.

NOTE: I am an Amazon affiliate and may become an affiliate of companies offering dog products, so I could make a few cents here and there if you purchase something using a link on this site, but I promise you that I will only promote products that my dogs and I actually use and enjoy. (We have already turned down two partnerships with great companies, because we won’t actually use their products.)