I’ve used SmartPak Dog Food for years. I prefer to feed a fresh diet, but when I can’t SmartPak is one of my top picks.

SmartPak Customer Service

SmartPak customer service is hands down the best in the business.

I purchased their horse supplements for years before buying their dog food. I rarely had a problem, but when I did, they took care of my quickly.

Every company will make mistakes. Big or small. The measure of a company is how they deal with those mistakes, and SmartPak is wonderful.

In every interaction, SmartPak treated me as a valued customer.

SmartPak Dog Food

SmartPak Dog Food

SmartPak carries a wide variety of dog foods and supplies, all of which can be set to autoship.

I’m personally a fan of their SmartCanine, which they will ship in portion packs for your dog. Big plus when your husband feeds once a day and thinks a heaping cup is the same as a cup!

The SmartCanine link includes a choice of lamb, chicken, salmon.

SmartPak Food Toppers

SmartPak offers a variety of food toppers as well.

I’m a big fan of their LiveSmart Harvest Mix, which is a mix of dehydrated vegetables.

I like to soak my kibble in a mix of water and chicken or beef broth, so I add the dehydrated vegetables before soaking. My boys love it!

You can’t go wrong with SmartPak products. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, they will always take care of you. Of course, that’s only happened once in 15 years, so plan on being satisfied!

Click here to learn more about SmartPak dog products.

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