On Christmas Day, Tank and I competed in a Christmas weight pull. Not a traditional Christmas, but perfect for us!

Christmas Weight Pull

I’m working on getting Tank up to 12 times his body weight, so we can get his working dog title. He’ll need to pull that four times over two seasons.

In his last pull, he pulled personal best of 1,000 pounds, so my goal was to complete one pull over 1,000 pounds for a new best of 1,070.

It was a little warmed that a winter dog like Tank would like, so I was a little worried about how he would do.

Not only did he pull our goal weight easily in 10.34 seconds, but he won his class AND pulled the most weight for the pull.

He was already first in Region 7 wheels standings for the 150lb class as of December 24th, so I’m hoping this helps keep him there!

Holiday Weight Pulls

I live over a 1,000 miles from most of my family. My husband isn’t close to his family, so holidays have always been a non-event for us.

Having dog friends who also live far from their families makes having holiday weight pulls a welcome way to spend the holidays!

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