On Thanksgiving, Tank and I competed in a holiday weight pull–our third IWPA weight pull of the season. Since I don’t have family near by, it was a great way to spend the holiday!

Note: Photos courtesy of Abi Maxwell Photography.

Personal Best

It was a rainy miserable day as far as the weather goes, but several of the dogs, including Tank, achieved new personal bests.

Tank pulled a new personal best of 1,000 pounds. He’s still learning, so I was thrilled with his new best.

He’ll have to pull 1,560 four times in two seasons to earn his working dog title, so we still have a ways to go, but this was a giant leap in the right direction.

Another Win for Tank

Tank came in first for a second time this season in the 150 lb class.

The second placed dog was a young Alaskan Malamute, who also pulled a new personal best of 1,000 lb. Tank was just 2 seconds faster.

Holiday Weight Pull

The weather may have been gloomy, but the dogs and handlers were in full holiday cheer.

Holiday Weight Pull

Some of the teams had to leave before awards and a group photo, but most of the teams enjoyed new personal bests, and everyone had a great time!

Interested in IWP weight pull for your dog? Drop me a comment, and let’s talk!

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