One of my first questions when I wanted to start getting titles for my dogs was, “How do you register a rescue dog?” If you’re interested in registering your mixed breed dog to compete in AKC events, the AKC Canine Partners Program is for you.

Benefits of the Canine Partners Program

For me, the main benefit of registration is participating in AKC dog sports. I’m currently competing in Rally Obedience trials. I’m also preparing to compete in Scent Work. But there are also Performance sports, Obedience, Agility, Fast CAT, Tracking, and more to chose from.

Registration gives you access to the AKC Canine Care Packages:

My favorite thing is being able to track my dog’s points and titles online. The certificates are a nice bonus too!

How to Register Your Dog

Before you start, choose a registered name for your dog. It will have to be a unique name, so you may want to choose two or three options. My boys are named Tank Garrett (boring but it fits!) and Sir Needs A Lot.

You will also want to make sure you have birth date, breed information (if known), and microchip number. If you don’t know your dogs breed, choose “All American Dog.” That’s how I’ve registered all of my rescues.

Copper’s RA Title Certificate

The cost will be $35. When you’re ready, follow these steps:

  • Go to the AKC registration page
  • Continue to Registration
  • Enter your information
  • Enter your dog’s information and continue
  • Enter your payment information and continue

What’s Next?

You’re dog is now eligible to earn AKC titles!

If you’re already working with a trainer, find out about sport classes and intermediate and advanced obedience classes that lead to Canine Good Citizen (CGC) titles.

If you aren’t, look for a trainer or obedience training club in your area that offers introductory classes.

When you’re ready to register to for an event, you can use the AKC Event Search page to find an event near you.

Have more questions? Drop me a comment, and I’ll find you an answer!

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