I can’t say enough good things about ThunderHawk Canine, its trainers, or its owner. I’m a firm believer in voting my dollars. I love it when a business not only offers great services but also aligns with my core values.

ThunderHawk does both.

How I found ThunderHawk
I’ve worked with several trainers over the year. I’ve never just wanted to adopt my dogs. I’ve wanted to give them the best possible life, which often means getting them past anxiety or fear aggression and always means obedience training.

Tank getting his CGC

Three years ago, we moved from a dog home to a multi-dog home with the addition of a third dog, which adds its own set of challenges. I’ve taken classes at pet stores, but I’ve always found it more effective to take classes from a training facility that also offers private sessions.

When we lived in Bedford County, Tennessee, we worked with a trainer who offered classes, private sessions, boarding, and grooming services. We developed a great relationship with her, and her business was our one-stop shop for all our dog needs.

I wanted to find another trainer like her when we moved the Cookeville, TN area. I started by asking around about the best classes. I also attended a local dog-centered event called Dogapalooza, where I was able to meet the owner of ThunderHawk Christie Meyer Faccinto and her Assistant Training Director Jessica Presley.

What they’ve done for me and my dogs
I went home and enrolled Tank in Intermediate Obedience and Copper in Beginner Obedience. The classes were run out of our local Tractor Supply and were excellent. I was extremely impressed by Jess and approached her about private sessions to deal with Copper’s anxiety and to help me become a better multi-dog handler.

Announcement for the next walk

Over the course of the next year, we worked regularly with Jess and started taking Rally Obedience classes with guest instructor Sherry Spivey.

In two years, Copper has gone from a dog who could barely handle a basic obedience class in a large room at TSC with 5 other dogs to a dog with 2 qualifying scores for Rally Nationals. Tank has gone from trying to rule the house and bully our other dogs to a happy dog competing in Weight Pull and Rally.

Now, Copper and I are working with Jess to learn a new sport: Scent Work.

What they’ve done for the community
ThunderHawk actively creates a sense of community not only with their clients but also with the larger dog community.

When an EF-4 tornado hit our neighborhood, Christie was the first person to reach out to me to see if we needed anything. When Covid hit, Christie and the ThunderHawk staff quickly transitioned their in-person clients to virtual, so we wouldn’t miss training while in lockdown.

ThunderHawk regularly offers structured walks in the park and holiday events for the dog community. They have worked to organize the therapy dog community in the area and are even working to become therapy dog evaluators.

For me personally, moving to a new town as 44-year-old introvert was HARD, but I quickly found my people in the staff and clients of ThunderHawk Canine.

If you’re in the Upper Cumberland in Middle Tennessee, book a class or a private session. If you’re not, check out their virtual classes and private sessions. You (and your dog) will be so glad you did!

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